look at me

misguidedmoonss said: Babe😍

Date me💕

The Turn On/Turn Off Game!


Ask me anything and I’ll tell you if it’s a turn on or turn off!

do it

unsilentxdeath said: That's a different category. Loud farts 4 life

we are two strangers talking about farts what even iis this website

unsilentxdeath said: Nahhh. Whoever has the loudest farts gets farting rights

clearly you don’t understand the power and lethality of the SBD fart so step your game up

unsilentxdeath said: Same actually not gonna lie

stop copying me. only I can fart.

unsilentxdeath said: Hi what's up?

farting hbu

that whole slightly shaved sides/man bun look could rule the world

unsilentxdeath said: Hi hello

hi hey


i’m a lil slave princess